llama (sacreddesire) wrote in dailyrathbone,

So you want to join dailyrathbone?

So you want to join dailyrathbone?

We're not elitist, but we try to keep out the wackadoos. The only way for us to weed out trolls is by looking at everyone's LJs when they try to join. We understand that some of you found us on twitter or other websites and are new to LiveJournal, but still want to see our posts. This post has been created for just such instances.

If you've been on LJ for a while and meet our previous requirements (lots of posts and comments, etc.), please feel free to join by clicking here.

If you found us via twitter or some other Jackson and/or 100 Monkeys website, please comment on this post. Let us know who you are on twitter, or where you found us. If you have a friend currently in the comm, have them vouch for you.

We want to share the Jackson love with everyone!

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